etsy love

Cold and rainy days make me want to window shop on Etsy. These are some of my favorite finds from today.

 With super short hair, it's always nice to have something to make it feel a bit girly.

How cute would this be above West's crib?
This makes me think that I want to have a farm and raise chickens (not really...)
Tiny plaid, bow earrings? Yes, please!

What are your favorite things this fall?

The time not window shopping was spent playing with a fun two year old, doing laundry, trying to get West to take a nap and making dinner.


christalena said...

Etsy has so many awesome things for sale. I'm sometimes overwhelmed. I love that headband and totally relate on the short hair, but five minutes in a headband and I have a headache : ( I saw that mobile the other day and was surprised at how much I'm loving the forest animal theme these days. You have got great taste there, chica. Hope you guys are getting settled in!

Truly said...

i actually bought one a few weeks ago but never wear it. i like the thought of them more than the actual wearing of them.

the tiny squirrel just kills me!

we are getting settled in. maybe sometime soon the boys and i will make a trip over to hickory if you're up for a massive takeover.

christalena said...

we would love for you guys to come visit! i feel the same way when we go to other people's houses. it must be overwhelming, except for other moms of two or more kids. we all just get it :) we can always come your direction too!