I miss my family SO much right now it hurts. I miss my mom and my sisters. I miss having someone do something with pretty much whenever I needed it. I miss having someone come just sit at my house so that I didn't lose my mind being with a two year old all day every day.
I was so lucky to have that. I would like to think that I never took advantage of it, but that can't be true. It was so easy to do almost anything knowing that there were at least two people that I could call whenever I needed a break.
The sister closest to my age, Anna, has been gone for about ten months. She graduated from school in May of 09 and left in December to teach in Israel. I miss her like crazy. Sometimes she would come over around noon and help clean, play with Harry then cook dinner. I was pregnant then, and my pregnancies are pretty brutal. I didn't really have the energy or ability to do everything that I needed to do. So she would come over and take care of everything that I couldn't.
Dusty pretty much took over after she left. After Westley was born and my hands were so much more than full, she would come over all the time and do whatever I needed. She never complained. Once in a while I would come home and she would have cleaned up and just be sitting on the couch watching tv. She would go get coffee with me, watch the dumb movies my husband wouldn't, listen to all of my ridiculousness.
My family are my best friends. It's really just that simple.
I cried last night for the first time since we have been here. It is going to be so different not having someone just show up at the house almost every day of the week. I am going to miss it so much.
This is Anna and Harry last October picking out pumpkins

Two of my absolute favorite people.

I love you guys and miss you soooo much.

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