feeling the season

Harry has been amazed by Halloween due to Nick Jr. showing every Halloween episode ever.

So.... we did some decorating. He loves it. Every time he sees the mantel he says "Harry's Halloween party!" Oh, the simple things.

I found this shop on etsy. I bought the pdf file to download and print out the individual triangles then simply sewed them onto some orange and black ribbon. Pretty simple.

I love the glittery crow. I found it at Michaels for about $2.00. The black Halloween sign was all of $.50 and a thrift shop. The fake spider web was another thrifty find.

I am pretty stoked about Halloween this year. Harry is really excited about dressing up like Buzz Lightyear (His choice).... We are going to downtown Hendersonville on the 30th, where all of the shop owners will be dressed up and handing out candy. We will have a blast.

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