24 days of thanks

(FYI, I stopped keeping track of numbers and I am just kinda winging it. I am still frustrated and dealing with that, but I am determined to make a point of mentioning it when something comes to mind that I am particularly thankful for...)
                                                 (Ignore the weird color my legs look in this picture as well as my creepy alien toes)

     I am so very thankful that we have the opportunity and ability to put both kids in preschool right now. Yesterday was an incredibly long work day for Stephen, thus it was a very long day for me. But this morning, I took the kids to school and had three glorious hours to rest, relax and take care of myself. I chose to run errands and take about 30 minutes to get a pedicure. It's amazing what a massage chair and having someone rub one's achy feet will do for the soul. Anyhow... I now feel refreshed and as though the next 3 days won't be quite so bad. Stephen will probably have to work late all week, and I want him to feel as though he has nothing to worry about or to do when he gets home (except play with his kids and spend a few minutes holding my hand while we watch Big Bang Theory.) Thanks to the 6 hours of kid-free time I will have this week, I can actually focus on getting things done so that he can actually do that.

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