a baby gift

      I went to a shower this afternoon for a friend from church. I generally stick to registries when buying gifts, but as of late I have become a huge fan of hand made presents for new babies. They seem so much more important in the months after birth. I love the handmade gifts I recieved for my boys, and hope this soon to be mama will like the quilt I made her, too.
This particular mama requested that we stay away from traditional baby colors and mentioned that brown and olive green were the colors that she likes.
Luckily, I already had the brown and green fabric on hand and really just had to pick up a few coordinating fabrics to put this blanket together. Stephen was nice enough to watch the kids all day yesterday while I sewed like a mad woman in order to finish this in time for the shower.
I really, really hope they like it.


christalena said...

That is awesome. Like, really, really awesome. Wow. I really wish I could make each of my kids a fun quilt like that. You are so very talented!

Mel said...

So awesome! And you know I am going to have a baby here in April right.... :)

Truly said...

well thanks! It was not a quick task by any means, but sewing is such a nice way to spend an afternoon.

I know, Mel. You'll just have to let me know if it's a boy or girl.

Truly said...
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