another baby gift

      Geez. I can hardly keep up with everything going on right now. Between holidays, babies being born, and everyday things that need to be done, I am pretty sure that I am going to pass out one of these days.... probably while buying Christmas decorations at Target.

     ANYHOW... I made yet another baby quilt for a sweet little boy due sometime in mid-January.

I am a huge fan of the orange, brown, and blues. Hopefully this will keep that little guys toesies warm this winter.

Also, I started cutting out pieces for our own little guy's quilt. I am still unsure about just what pattern (if any) I am going to go with.... I have pinned a ton of quilts for inspiration. You can see them here if you like. My only real goal is to be done with it before the baby gets here. I don't care if I am still sewing in between contractions... (HA!)

I took a quick instagram photo of the pieces before West ran across them... but I am pretty sure that I am in love with the colors and patterns.


Mel said...

Ok, I love it! Both of them. Give it to me straight, how much of a master sewer do I have to be to make a quilt? I do ok and my sewing machine is fixed, I am feeling some serious nesting and we find out what the baby is on Tuesday, I am going to want a project right away!

Truly said...

Ha! Master sewer? Nope. they take a lot of time and patience. These are far from perfect. But, they are fun and keep me busy while the kids nap or when Stephen takes them out of the house. I bought an e-course from Smile and wave a while back, http://smileandwave.typepad.com/blog/e-courses-coming-soon.html/
that was a huge help.