This was a ROUGH week. Not gonna lie, sometimes I just wanted to hide in a corner and cry. (I might have actually done it once or twice....) But, it's over. My husband (who is amazing!) took Friday off so that we could get a handle on things.
     We had a big 'ol, fatty yard sale on Saturday and got rid of SO. MUCH. JUNK! (*I mean slightly loved objects)....
     It's so nice not to trip over stuff in every room. I am also slowly but surely redoing some things around here... I might have just found my new bed on craigslist (pending pick up) It is a gorgeous, antique iron bed. Seriously, I am in love... Now I just have to find a way to get it home.{have I mentioned that once in a while I really miss my hubby's truck??? }  Can I get an "Amen"! Hallelujah!

    Stephen took the boys hiking at one of the many parks around here and made it a point to inform me that "Everyone was jealous of (his) new Keens and hiking shorts". (thank you REI sale!!!!)
     I took the opportunity to visit some local thrift shops and to go buy the kids a new toy each to thank them for giving up so much of their stuff in the yard sale. In my book, a ton of old toys that weren't even noticed anymore are totally worth one toy that is played with and will encourage their playing together. I might have actually set them up by buying one kid a Lightning McQueen and the other a Mater toy. They kind of have to play together that way... and technically, if I am being honest, selling their old toys paid for the new ones. Win/win! They must have really liked my picks, because they absolutely had to watch Cars 2 and sleep with their toys tonight. So precious.


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