are you serious?

personally, i like being by myself. i am a pretty introverted person and find that i am much happier at home with my family than with large groups (or even small groups really). my entire life, however, i have been jealous of and intrigued by those people who just draw others to them. in high school and college i watched from around the corner... and now i am ashamed to say i read their blogs daily and envy them...
but why?
if i only made myself look around and leave my shell once in a while, i would be able to see the strong, beautiful, creative women around me and really live life with them.
i was reading Proverbs 31 this morning, and i noticed that she never let herself get caught up in the things around her. she was so busy living the life that she was created for that she didn't have time for envying others. if i could only get over what i wasn't made for (but kinda want) i could be so much more of a wife, mother, daughter, neighbor, friend... the list is never ending.
i let myself use a personality type as a crutch. how pathetic is that?
i wasn't made the way i am to keep to myself all of the time. what kind of example will my children have? how could they "rise up and call me blessed" if i can't even see myself that way?
this is going to be hard. this is going to frustrating, exhausting and scary. but i fully believe that living the life i was made for will be the best blessing i could possibly receive other than salvation.


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Mother Goose said...

Well, there's nothing wrong with being an introvert, but as a friend, I'll say I really enjoy spending time with you and would love to do it more often!

Sarah said...

Hey Truly, not sure if you remember me from way back when, but I see your blog updates and such on facebook, and just wanted to say "Hi" and that this one really inspired me the other day when I read it. It's great to read that someone sort of feels the same way I do about putting myself out there, and wanting to be an example. And it's motivating and encouraging. So, thanks for writing that. :-) And while I'm writing, you have an adorable little son there. :-)
-Sarah Ezzell

What's Coming Up SOON! said...

Thanks for your honesty and genuine heart.