it's been a while

this has been quite a weekend.
saturday morning started out (extra early- i might add) with sniffles and sneezes coming out of my little guy. that led to coffee at starbucks due to smaller crowds and needing to get out of the house.
when we got home, both stephen and i had our hands full of various cups and the kid.
as soon as we opened the door, hank took a running start towards the road. he made a quick detour and ended up in the woods.
the next several hours were spent in the woods or waiting in the backyard to see if he showed up.
at noon stephen left for the app state game (kid in tow), and i stayed around the house just in case someone found the dog.
when stephen came back we took another ride around the neighborhood in the car calling "hank" at the top of our lungs (which might not be all that helpful anyhow... we aren't positive that he even knew his name)
we called it a night after that.
i did manage to make a quick trip to the local thrift shop... and came home with this cute thing for my little guy:
not bad for 5 bucks, eh?
i also decided i needed a change... bangs.
and this is the huge belly at 20 weeks
and here is the view from the top:

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Stephen said...

i believe a picture of Harry at the App game would be appropirate.