say "hello" to Hank

the mr. and i went to see some pretty awesome pups at a rescue yesterday.

it seems that i have fallen in love with this handsome fella.

we put in an application, and have our fingers crossed that he'll make his way over to our house sometime this weekend. his current name is "Stank"... that just doesn't do it for me... so, Hank is pretty much the new name.

in other news:

i am addicted to embroidery. this handy handbook has been filling my evenings with fun little projects to keep my mind and hands busy (not that i couldn't fill my time with something else, but this is actually fun for me)

also, baby names are making my head hurt. girl names are easy. i have a hundred girl names that are wonderful and just waiting for a little lass to be made useful...

boy names are tricky. i am really tempted to just throw some names in a hat, and let fate take it's course. oh well, good thing i have a tiny bit more time to let it simmer.

tonight i think that chili and tapioca pudding are on the menu. hot soup and hot pudding are just the thing to make cold, fall days seem a little bit brighter.

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Ekaw said...

Jesse better be one of the names in that hat.