december already???

last week felt like a whirlwind: sick baby, sick daddy, a major holiday, shopping overwhelmingness, tree buying, furniture painting, and lots and lots of football.

let's start with the fact that poor harry had a fever from thursday morning until sunday morning. that meant very little sleep for my poor little household. he is still coughing a bit, but the worst part is over. i am just glad that traveling plans got cancelled BEFORE he was at his worst. stephen was feeling a bit under the weather, but was pretty much fine after friday...

turkey day was spent with my mom, little brother, and sister. it was very low key. yet we still managed to cook enough for 12... i have no idea how that happened.
after much thought, dusty and i decided that the hassle of getting up and fighting crowds was not worth the small things that we would be hunting. so, we slept in friday. however, we woke up to my husband calling to inform us that he had decided to head out early to check things out. he came home with the gift that i had chosen for my SIL (i have her name this year) and a new tv for us.... YAY! i have really wanted another tv in the house since i will probably be much more home bound in the months to come, and basketball season is one of stephen's favorites.

i have an amazing hubby... (whose birthday just so happens to be today... but that is another post all together).
the rest of the weekend was pretty much spent on the couch... or in the bedroom watching tv.

harry's fever breaking was enough reason to celebrate and get our christmas tree. we headed over to trosa's tree lot at southpoint. it only took two days to get it decorated after getting it home and realizing that we didn't have any white lights.
i am really looking forward to a week with no sick kids or major shopping days. although, i really miss dusty being here all the time. i even went to goodwill by myself yesterday... which would have been a lot worse if i didn't come home with this sweet stroller for $20... that's right. i am stoked.